Stipples Made Easy-Roses


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Printed Freemotion Rose pattern for an all over design on adhesive paper-26’ x 9.5” roll.

To calculate how many feet of Stipples Made Easy pattern you will need to quilt your whole top:
– Divide length of quilt top, in inches, by stitching width of pattern given in the pattern description below.
– Round decimals up to get number of strips you will need.
– Multiply number of strips by the width of quilt top, in inches, then divide by 12 to get how many feet of pattern you will need.
– Each roll is 26 feet long.
Requires a darning foot or free-motion foot. These patterns are a great learning tool for beginning quilters and eliminates the stress of thinking about which direction to quilt next to avoid crossing over or working into a corner. You don’t need to stay on the line to get great results. Use as an all-over quilting pattern.

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