Bernette Presser foot kit Decoration 9pcs (b05/sew&go 1 )



9 Foot Decorative Presser-foot Set Includes:

  • Ribbon-couching Foot – The ribbon-couching foot is used for couching sequin and satin ribbon. They are caught optimally by the adjustable guide and the guiding channel on the bottom side of the presser foot without slipping away during the sewing process.
  • Binder Attachment – The binder attachment serves to bind edges with pre-folded bias tape in a finished width of 6 mm, which is sewn with a utility or decorative stitch.
  • Beading and Sequin Foot – For creative work with beaded or sequin tapes. The groove in the center of the foot serves as a guide for couching cords and beaded and sequin tapes.
  • Pintuck Foot – The pintuck foot with 5 grooves is used for sewing pintucks with a double needle. The grooves enable you to sew parallel tucks.
  • Gathering Foot – As the sole of this foot does not lie flat on the feed dog, the gathering foot feeds the fabric unevenly, creating a charming gathering effect while sewing.
  • Cording Foot – The cording foot allows sewing on thin cords or strings. As the bottom of the foot sole provides several grooves, more than one cord can be sewn in one step.
  • Zigzag Foot with Guide – The zigzag foot with guide makes precise sewing very easy. The most common seam allowances are marked on the guide arm and can be adjusted easily with the seam guide on the right side.
  • Piping Foot – The piping foot with 2 grooves is ideally suited to create and sew in braids, perfect for home décor garments. It is also possible to sew on two cords simultaneously.
  • Rollerfoot – The rollerfoot is the perfect tool for sewing on difficult “sticky” materials. The roller on its sole enables it to glide effortlessly over materials such as leather and vinyl, as well as fabrics with a rough surface texture.

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