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Quilt Shop

A Quilt shop, seamstress, or rug hooker will find all they need here!
Do you love to sew and quilt? Rug hooking and sewing are popular pastimes in Texas. All of us in this room consider you to be one of us. We understand your sense of satisfaction, contentment, and delight when you produce. Many quilters can’t remember a time when our shop wasn’t their go-to source for quilting supplies and BERNINA sewing machines. In addition to a comprehensive selection of cotton textiles, we also have a variety of cotton fabrics in a wide range of colors, designs, and solids. Quilt kits, designs, tools, floss, thread, and other notions are all carefully selected by A Nimble Thimble. Tyler at A Nimble Thimble has everything a fabric designer could ask for.

Wool for Rug Hooking

It is recommended that you bring your BERNINA sewing machine in at least once a year for service. If you are a frequent sewer, we recommend that you service your machine more frequently, depending on how much you use it. Visit our quilt shop for more information.

A large majority of service calls for sewing and embroidery machines are exclusively related to worn-out needles in the machines. BERNINA suggests that you change your needle every 4 – 6 hours of stitching, depending on how much you are sewing.

Titanium needles are not recommended by A Nimble Thimble, despite the fact that BERNINA may disagree. Because they are not snappable, they can do significant harm to your hook area and needle bar (in Katie’s view).

For more information, or to purchase your own BERNINA Sewing Machine, please contact us or visit us at our store


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