Poor quality stitches, machine seems noisy.

Solution: Replace your needle.

A number of service calls for sewing and embroidery machines are strictly due to worn out needles. BERNINA recommends that you change your needle after every 4 – 6 hours of stitching.

Here at A Nimble Thimble, we do not recommend titanium needles, although BERNINA may disagree. They do not snap off and can cause a lot of damage in your hook area or needle bar (Katie’s opinion).

Noise or humming while sewing.

Solution: Check to be sure your bobbin winder is off.

A strange noise could be your bobbin winder, as most of the new BERNINA machines have two motors and will wind at the same time you are sewing.

Poor stitch quality with the bobbin thread showing on top of fabric.

Solution: Check to be sure you are using your embroidery bobbin case or embroidery bobbin setting for decorative stitches, buttonholes and embroidery.

For best results on decorative stitching, use the embroidery bobbin set up. Buttonholes and satin stitches are considered decorative stitches.

Machine will not sew, thread bunches up.

Solution: Rethread your machine.

If you find thread bunching on the bottom of your fabric, redo your top threading. If you find thread bunching on the top of your fabric, redo the bottom threading. It is always best to unthread and start again from the beginning, both top and bottom threads.

Machine is loud and stitch quality is poor.

Solution: Clean and oil your machine…

…including the hook area, as you learned in the Machine Mastery class. For a review, see the CD you received in class or your Owner’s Manual.

Cleaning and oiling should be done after each major project. We recommend using a cotton-tipped swab to clean the old oil and lint from your hook before oiling. Always use the correct oil for your BERNINA machine. 8 Series Machines should only use oil labeled for 8 Series. Do not use any other brands on your BERNINA machine.

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